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Pokud jste našli usazování v a živé kasino to be a piece of cake then you’ll find withdrawing from one to be the exact same as depositing and withdrawing are just two sides to the same coin. You’ll also notice all the main methods for depositing at a live casino you can use to withdraw as well which is quite handy and better yet there’s even a few extra added options here as well.

Odstoupení od kasinu

The most obvious way to make a withdrawal from a live casino is through a bank transfer as this is typically where your money wants to end up anyway so why not cut out all the middlemen in the process. If you are in a bit of a hurry for your money though this may not be the best option out there as bank transfers can take up to 5 days to process which isn’t exactly the fastest of times.

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A slightly quicker and just as easy way to make a withdrawal is through your Visa credit or debit card although this does require you to own a Visa card. Visa cards are offered by every major bank nowadays so getting one isn’t exactly difficult and a withdrawal this way works the same as a bank transfer except it’s done through your card and the advantage of this method is not only that there’s no transaction fees, but it also only takes up to 3 working days too! If we have the choice we’ll be choosing Visa withdrawals over bank transfers every time however if you’ve won a lot of money sometimes bank transfers are the only option.

If speed is something that’s a bit of a priority for you then an E-wallet is definitely something you want to be thinking about as the processing time for these transactions are typically much quicker. The main E-wallet services you’ll come across are Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal so we’d recommend you stick to one of these three to start off. With an E-wallet you can quickly switch your money between live casinos, pay for things online, or if you want to go with the traditional route you can even make a switch back into your bank account so you’re not missing out on anything by using an E-wallet. If getting your money into your bank isn’t something that needs to be done at speed then E-wallets are a great option as it will let you spend your money online pretty quickly.

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If you want to stay away from bank accounts altogether then our suggestion would be to try something like the Paysafecard option. Paysafecards work similar to top up vouchers which you can use to spend in online stores and the such and when you make a withdrawal via this method you skip everything that has to do with online banking and just have a bigger voucher to spend on things instead.

The final method we have for you today isn’t offered by every live casino and it does come with some charges attached to it however it does give you the opportunity to get cash in hand. The main way of doing this is through Western Union who are a money shop found on most major high streets. When you choose this as an option you’ll be given a code which you can take to your nearest Western Union shop where they’ll trade that code in for cash. We wouldn’t recommend this method unless you need the cash because of the charges but it is an option there for you if you need it!

Hopefully we’ve given you some idea about your prefered method to withdraw now and while we personally tend to use E-wallets or Visa transactions, all of the methods we’ve listed here are safe and reliable!

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