Avalon II- Quest For The Grail – The Second Game In The Series – Time To Find The Holy Grail

So have you played Avalon the first game released a few years ago? Now it is time to re-forge the Excalibur sword of King Arthur – whether you have played the game before or not – it will take you for the joy ride as you spin It and find your destiny in the sands of history gone by in this wonderful mobile casino phone bill game. Get the benefits by signing up to Goldman Casino!

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Avalon II - Quest for The Grail is the mobile casino phone bill game that will transport you back to medieval history; it will make you smell the earth of times of Knights, monks and the world without electricity. It will make you hear the sounds of Excalibur being forged from the great island of Avalon and take you on a journey where King Arthur will go on a quest to find the holy grail!

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Avalon II Slots

Avalon II - Quest for The Grail has five reels apart from 100 and 50 coin slot machines. The game has 200 and 43 active pay ways. The game has thus an average wagering system and the standard amount of reels for spinning on the Slot.

Online Slot Bonus

There are several types of symbols to be found in the game, these arrive after the spinning stops and are based on the King Arthur theme of medieval history.

  • Regular Symbols – These are the more common symbols and include many characters from the King Arthur theme
  • Expanding Wild Symbol – This like the predecessor of the game, Avalon I, has been allotted with the symbol of Lady in the Lake symbol.
  • Wild Symbol – The wild symbol can substitute any other symbol except the Scatter symbol and is represented by the logo of Avalon II - Quest for The Grail
  • Scatter Symbol – The Scatter Symbol is the Grail symbol in the game and on there being two or more on reels causes winning and three bring about Grail Bonus Game.
  • Grail Bonus Game – This is an exciting game with eight levels
  • Merlin Symbol - This a randomly appearing multiplier on the reels

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You can play the game of this mobile casino phone bill game on any supporting device by just logging on to Goldmancasino.com and clicking on the Avalon II Slot game by Microgaming. This will cause a loading session that will require you to wait for some time after which it can be played on a phone, tablet PC or computer.

This mobile casino phone bill game is an excellent successor to an average game and thus raises the quality and expectations from Microgaming in the future too, so stop reading and try the game!

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