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With Blackjack casino table game, you may have already heard of or even might have experienced different variants. All of them offer amazing gameplay experience to the gamblers. But Blackjack Single Deck Touch is definitely one of its kind variants. This Blackjack pay by mobile bill game is optimised exclusively for touchscreen devices such as smartphones, tablets, and advanced display monitors. It has a very simple yet impressive interface that makes playing with your finger very easily. No hassles of swiping or dragging a card to a position, just a feather touch does the job for you here. The betting limit is set at a very low range of £1 to £40 per turn and is played with a single deck. It’s time to make a move with Goldman Casino!

Blackjack Pay by Mobile Bill

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Blackjack Single Deck Touch

This innovative new Blackjack pay by mobile bill game was developed by NetEnt. One of the most popular casino games development companies in the world. They have created many such breakthrough technologies in online gaming that has helped players win more efficiently.

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This Blackjack pay by mobile bill game requires just a delicate touch of your finger to play. The rules of this variant are similar to any other Blackjack game. You need to achieve a score of points closer to 21 than the dealer himself. If you exceed 21 or if the dealer beats your hand, you lose the hand and the betting you have placed. If you get 21 from the very first two cards, then you win the hand with Blackjack and payout is three to two times your bet. The dealer must stand on 17 and he cannot stand before or after that. This gives you a benefit over the dealer as you can stand on your hand anytime you want. Just remember not to exceed 21 points and you are good.

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  • Insurance Feature: This is offered when the dealer’s first card is an Ace because chances of getting a Blackjack hand with an Ace is more likely. If you opt for it then 50% of your original bet is taken as a fee and you are paid two to one if the dealer gets a Blackjack. If no Blackjack then you will lose the fee but the game still continues, giving you a chance to win.
  • Split Hands: In this Blackjack pay by mobile bill game when you get two identical valued cards, the split is offered to you. If you say yes, then both the cards will be split into two separate hands. This not only gives you an opportunity to play an additional hand but win big too.


This Blackjack pay by mobile bill game is the first variant built specifically for touchscreen devices. The game has some amazing features to help you win bigger rewards and display various fame statistics as well.

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