It’s Eerie Out There In The Enchanted Woods Slot

Blimey mate! It’s the digital age and Enchanted Woods Slot is here. Goldman Casino has gone off the beaten path, won’t you accompany it to this new forest? Get the benefits by signing up to Goldman Casino.

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The Dark Forest Awaits, Beware It’s Here On Goldman Casino - Login Now!

The Enchanted woods are here to stay, they’ve made their home on your smartphone gambling all thanks to Goldman Casino. It is up to you to try it now. It pays homage to the old one-armed levers but it does have plenty of redeeming features. It has 5 reels but one payline. You have 10 betting choices from 0.1 to 100. And best of all it is a free game. Now don’t be shy and try your luck, for courage here goes a long way.

Enchanted Woods Slot: The Characters Of This Chilling Mobile Slot Game

Enchanted Woods Slot

That the forest is enchanted is not doubted. But wait now, it’s filled with noble souls, whose magic is here to guide and you. These are the Wizard, Fairy of night, fairy of wisdom and fairy of a tale. The forest denizens are the quite pixies and mermaids and the naughty little imps. But beware of the leprechauns and demons, though they may yet turn kind. The pink fairy is the wild. And the princely frog is the scatter. These are companions for this gamble we take

Spine-chilling Rendering By Microgaming On Smartphone Gambling

So the tale goes that Microgaming narrated, set in the dark night lit only by fireflies lies a trail to the Enchanted Woods. The eerie music will send chills down your spine. The reels trapped in gnarly tree branches will arrest your sight. The beautifully depicted fairies and their forest friends in their gayest colours will warm your heart. While the villains in their coats of terror will make you cower and cry. But all in all, do make the trip. It is well worth your while. So get set to spend hours exploring our diverse and completely thrilling casino games.

Enjoy Playing Enchanted Woods Slot Machine

The Path To Success Here Is Dark But Be Not Afraid of Enchanted Woods Slot

How do I win with a single pay line? Microgaming has thought of it for you. It is fair and just. Trust the forces of good and tame those demons, for everyone here will offer their best.

  • The demon when in threes gives you a single coin, but in fives goes up to 10 coins
  • The leprechaun is better, three of them gives you 5 coins when in threes but 30 coins when occupying the line
  • The fairy of the night in blue, showers you with her sincerity, giving you 15 coins when just in three but a load of 70 coins when she occupies the line
  • The bonus toad gives you rewards when in winning combinations and credits from one coin for being in twos and ten for being in fives in the normal game
  • The wild (pink fairy) substitutes for all and help form winning combinations.
  • The toad when in 2 or more leads to the bonus round. Here you choose from among the toadstools (choices equals the toads in the reels) and win up to 180 coins.

An important feature is the hold button, which helps you hold the reel lines and trigger any number of winning combinations

The Journey Has Ended, But You Can Go Again When You Bet On Your Smartphone

Gambling on Smartphone Play

Goldman Casino has brought this eerie but charming tale to you. With mobile slots on your smartphones, use the apps, and start playing Microgaming different game. Pay with your SMS phone bill for this is the digital age.

Embark on this adventure with courage and win on Enchanted Woods Slot...

Enchanted Woods Slot Machine - Smartphone Gambling - Keep What You With Goldman Casino

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