BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Multihand


This free play Blackjack card game is really stunning and the best part is you can play three hands at a time, making your chances of winning triple in one go. The game opens with a light beat music in the background and a green round table in front of you. A very professional designed table that gives you the feel of real life Casino. On the edge of the table near you are tokens with different denomination you can choose from using the arrow buttons. This game has a minimum bet amount of 10p and a maximum of £100.


The developer of this free play Blackjack game is NYX (NextGen) who has presented several online version of casino games to the world. Popular for a wide range of gaming software with specialization of gambling apps for desktops and mobile devices, this company is a renowned developer of some of the top games available online today. Play Blackjack Pay by phone bill here.

All about the game:

BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Multihand offers both multi-hand and single hand options to gamers. The games begin with a prompt to choose the amount for each hand. Once you choose the amount just hit the deal button and you will get two cards per hand. Your aim is to get as close as possible to 21; if you get to 21 then you are surely going to win but your chances are fair even with numbers from 17 through to 20. However, if you get 21 in the first place then it is considered blackjack and you win that hand by default where you get 3 to 2 your betting amount. This is the best free play Blackjack game available on the internet so you can try before you play for real.

  1. Stand: This is a button that lets you freeze on your points, i.e., when you get 17 or 18 you can just hit this button to see if you win and go on to the next hand and so on until the third.
  1. Re-bet: If you want to repeat your game with same amount and number of hands, just use this option and it automatically confirms your bet. You can keep on going with an option until the time you feel like changing the bet amount or number of hands.
  1. Insurance: This is one nice feature of this free play Blackjack offered to you when dealer’s open card is an ace. If you accept then half your betting amount is added additionally. If you win then you will get 2 to 1 your bet amount on that hand. You can also choose to take insurance on all hands or just on one.


With RTP of 98.54% BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Multihand is the game that requires your best judgment in order to win. This really is a beautifully designed free play Blackjack game and definitely a boon to all the gamblers out there.


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