Live Automatic Roulette

With the ever-increasing popularity of classic table games, developers are also coming up with various variants of the original games. Live Automatic Roulette is another variation of classic casino game from the development studios of NetEnt. As is with all the variants of the Roulette, you have to correctly guess that on which slot the ball will stop on the wheel of Roulette. However, this roulette live bonus UK game lets you enjoy more as it plays out automatically. So come over, join the fun!

Roulette Live Bonus UK

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Live Automatic Roulette

As earlier stated, this Roulette Live Bonus UK variant is developed by NetEnt. Founded in 1996, the company is renowned for its online video slots and various other casino games. The company also develops classic casino games for online players.

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live casino withdrawalsRoulette Live Bonus UK game differs from other variations of the game in a major way. The ever-present dealer in Roulette games is not present here. The spinning of the wheel is done automatically. You do hear someone announcing in a clear voice whenever bets have to be placed or the winning number.

Roulette Live Bonus UK variant is based on classic European Roulette gameplay. The bets for this game start from £1 and go up to £20,000, which makes it ideal for both high rollers as well as new players.

You need to select a chip size and place one or more from that on the table where you want to place the bet. The wheel starts spinning and stops at a number which is the winning number. Hot and Cold numbers can be seen at the right side of the table and the racetrack for placing neighbour bets is below them.

Roulette Live Bonus UK game lets you open the mini lobby and also adjust audio and video quality of the game. The paytable, game rules, and the game history are all available to be seen under the info icon. Double all bets sign can be used at the time of selecting the bets. The game also allows you see the chip values of other players.

Some of the key features of this game are:

  • Fully automated gameplay with live chat option
  • Full-screen view in HD quality
  • Various useful signs
  • Easy to place Neighbour bets
Roulette Live Bonus


This Roulette Live Bonus UK game lets you enjoy the game without any distractions of a dealer. A wide range of bets makes it perfect for all types of players.

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