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There are plenty of Roulette game variants that you can find online, each with its own added features and benefits for players. Dolphin's Roulette is one such variant where you can experience the advantage of a live dealer. The studio setup of the game with real table and ball makes the experience as real as in a land casino. In this no deposit online mobile slots bonus game, you not only get to play Classic Roulette with a live dealer but also a side game single reel slot as well. The game has a wagering limit starting £1 and the maximum is set at £500 a turn. This is the same for the side game as well. We welcome you to our family. Spin now and become a millionaire.

No Deposit Online Mobile Slots Bonus

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This professionally set up no deposit online mobile slots bonus game was developed by NetEnt. A leading online casino games development company with plenty of experience and expertise in modern gaming software technologies.

Dolphin's Roulette

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In this no deposit online mobile slots bonus game, you get to play with European format table. There are a single zero and numbers from 1 to 36 that are strategically placed on the spin wheel. The live dealer will spin the table and then rolls the ball in opposite direction and the ball lands on a number. If that number matches your selection, you will get a payout depending on the betting line you have picked. If it is just that single number then the payout is 35:1. But if your selection is more than a single number, your payout will vary. Apart from the ability to choose multiple numbers, you can place your bets on predefined lines such as split, street, corner, line, column, and dozen. The payout varies from 17x to 2x based on your selection.

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  • Dolphin Pearl Side Bet: This is the side game of this no deposit online mobile slots bonus roulette. Here, you are given a single reel to spin and there are various symbols from the original slot game. Your payout depends on the symbol that lands and the dolphin are top valued with 80x return on your bet. This winning is regardless of the result of the Roulette table.
  • Outside Bets: The outside betting layout that includes odd, even, red, black, high and low are optional. The payout here is 1:1 on your bet, however, the probability is well over 46% that keeps you constantly on the winning track. Though the payout is not so great, over a period of time you can make good profits here too.


With a side bet option to enhance your winning opportunities, this no deposit online mobile slots bonus game has the best graphics and live dealer assistance.

Play with European Format Table

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