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Roulette is a very popular table game for many decades and its popularity has increased ten folds since the time the game has been made available for online players. There are several different variants of this game too. That includes different versions of live dealer games. What makes Club Roulette a unique approach is the ability of the players to choose a table by looking at the dealer. In this Online Roulette Pay by Phone Bill game, you can chat with the dealer and even get game prompts. This is a European version with a single zero and number from 1 to 36 where you can place your bets.

Online Roulette Pay by Phone Bill

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This unique online roulette pay by phone bill game was developed by NetEnt. A developer with over a hundred games, each completely different and unique from one another. All their games offer mind-blowing graphics with impressive features that are truly value for money that players invest in them. Let us head straight to Goldman Casino for some chilling fun!

Club Roulette

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Before you can jump into a table in this online roulette pay by phone bill game, you get to see the face of the dealer. If you like, you can get into it or you can shuffle through various tables with different live dealers. The rules of the game remain unchanged where you get to play straight up single number bets or multiple numbers. There are other standard betting ways that include split, corner, street, line, dozen and column. The game also has a racetrack betting that helps you enhance your winning chances.

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  • Bets and Payout: If you bet on a single number and the ball lands on it, you get the highest payout of the game with 35:1. Split, street, corner, line, dozen and column include 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 and 12 number betting respectively. The payout is 17:1, 11:1, 8:1, 5:1 and the last two with 2:1.
  • Outside Bets: There are three standards outside betting lines in this online roulette pay by phone bill game. They are red or black, high or low and odd or even. These options provide you with a winning probability of up to 50%, which means you get the chance to win more frequently. The payout from all these three areas is 100% on your original bet.


With the ability to pick the dealer of your preference, this online roulette pay by phone bill also offers plenty of additional features you can win from.

Amazing Roulette Experience

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