Dracula Slot Is Unleashing His Fury In An Phone Gambling Slots Game, Are You Game To Face His Menace?

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Dracula Slot, a name that fills your heart with unrefined terror! Ruler of the night! Someone who is recognized by all as a vampire who drinks blood from the people. NetEnt has incorporated the legend of Count Dracula into their Slot game of the same name! At Goldman Casino Online, this game faithfully follows its namesake movie. We offer something to all of our customers, which is why they love us!

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Dracula was released by NetEnt and Universal Studios on the 24th of April, 2015. Based on the world-famous movie of the same name as the game, has exciting features such as free spins and stacked wilds. The game also has the innovative Bat features. This Slot game can be played on online gambling websites such as Goldman Casino. You can double up your bets in no time, Just Play On!

dracula slot game

This game has 5 separate reels with 4 rows and a 40 payline win. The batting, feature when activated in the game, turns the reels into a brood of bats. When activated a colony of bats fly in over the reels and settle down on them. As the reels stop, the bats turn into symbols that give bonuses to players.

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Players require only 20 coins for playing the forty lines of the game. The wager can be changed by the player for each line of the reel. The total denomination of money ranges from £0.01 to £1.

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Count Dracula Slot

The main character of this Slot game is Dracula himself. The game also incorporates the story of vampire Count by making his wife a symbol in the Slots. Other game characters include a young boy, a sailor, and an old lady, who are part of the reels of the game in addition to playing cards like Ace, King, Queen and Jack. Spin some reels to test your luck now. Happy Spinning!

This game is supported on all types of devices. A player can easily access the game through his PC, mobile or any tablet. This game is found on online sites such as Goldman Casino. The graphics and sounds of this game are a reflection of the theme of the game. The bat feature is something that has become the main attraction in this game.

Dracula Slot Machine at Goldman Casino

Players who play online gambling sites are always searching for new ways in which they can deposit their money for playing games. One such payment method that has become increasingly popular is the Prepaid card method. One such prepaid card that is used extensively on online sites are the prepaid phone cards.

Dracula Slot

Players prefer these cards because they are more safe and secure. They do not contain any personal data of the player that is using this card. Phone cards look like Credit and Debit Cards. These cards are mainly used in telephone services, however, they are finding more and more applications in playing online Slot games.

All websites that offer online gambling to players such as Goldman Casino offers players a variety of payment methods for players to deposit their money. Phone card payment method is now an option. Phone card gambling is not only safe but it is also one of the fastest ways for depositing money in order to play games.

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