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Love Roulette gambling online? Then you will love this French Roulette Game. This is a variation of the classic European Roulette with inspirations from the French people. This game by Microgaming brings the Roulette game once only played by royals to the reach of all those who love Roulette gambling online. This is one of the variations of this game that have a lower house edge and hence the winning chances are high. With a casino theme and great graphics, this game looks and feels real. Register with us and enjoy the casino buzz.

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Looking at the wheel in this game, it is like in any other European Roulette game; there is one green zero and 36 red and black slots.  Playing is really easy; choose a chip or more of the values you would like to bet, place on the number(s) you would like to bet on and spin. You can place all kinds of inside bets that are available in the classic game from straight ups to black/red, odd/even to columns and dozens. You can also place called bets but that is only available in expert mode. Check out our rewarding slots online for free and have a fun-filled time.

French Roulette

What makes playing French Roulette a different kind of Roulette gambling online is a feature known as the La Partage. This rule stipulates that players get to keep half the wagered amount if the outcome of a spin on which they had placed an inside even bet lands on the zero slot. This highly raises the RTP of the game to 98.65% which is very player friendly. This means that unlike Roulette online gambling game variations, in French Roulette you have increased chances of winning and even when your luck is not on the positive you will not lose too much. Get a glimpse of online heaven!

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Everyone wants an online Roulette Bonus game that has good graphics and feels like the real thing. That is exactly what this French Roulette game is. It has rich graphics that make the game come to life and look as realistic as the 3-D wheel found at physical casinos. The interface is very user-friendly and comes with enhanced features.  With a real casino-like experience you will surely enjoy this game.

To cater for all people, Microgaming has made various types of the French Roulette. There is the classic game, also called the Royal Roulette and a Gold series that is enhanced. There is also a progressive jackpot French Roulette gambling online game that those who love to try their luck in Jackpot games can enjoy. The bet amounts range from £1 to £80 so no matter what your budget is you can have some gambling fun.

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Roulette gambling online at Goldman Casino is a great pastime. This casino offers its players many bonuses and offers that allow them to play for free. For instance, by taking advantage of signup bonus, you can get up to £100 in casino with deposit match bonuses to play with. Use this to learn the tricks and strategies of winning when playing Roulette gambling online. When you finally understand the game, place real money on it and expect to win big.

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