This is majorly a game of luck and you will find it in every online casino. Its history is traceable to as back as 17th century where it was being played in France. Its nowadays one of the most popular casino game, and can be accessed online too.

Roulette pay by phone bill

The three variations of the game are French, American and European. The European Roulette pay by phone bill is played more than the rest of the two, all over the world. Basic rules are similar, although we have slight differences. You will hence be guided on how the European Roulette pay by phone bill is played.

For Online Roulette pay by phone bill

Online games are paid for through online financial service providers, phone bills included. When you are set to play, the obvious things or features that you will use are the ball, wheel and croupier tosses. Bets are made on the pocket that you think the ball will fall in after a spin.

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This European Roulette pay by phone bill of the game is more advantageous to the players. It offers them higher chances of winning. The pockets are numbered from zero to 36, making it 37 pockets with alternating black, red and green colours.

On the wheel, the order of the pockets might appear to be random, but when you study it well you will realize that they have a mathematical order arrangement.

The arrangement is in a specific manner to spread the chances of winning equally on all numbers. There may be no specific pattern in the arrangement of numbers on the wheel. They, however, alternate perfectly between high and low, which are 19 - 36 for high and 1 - 18 for low, with an exception where 5 neighbours 10.

The Actual Betting

To start the Roulette bonus game you place your chips on the various betting sections on the table. A player is free to bet until the ball is tossed by the croupier. After the winning number is announced, the croupier pays out the winning bets. Serious players of European Roulette pay by phone bill to ensure that they don’t waste time in placing their bets.

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The bets are in two groups, which involve the Inside and the Outside bets

Inside bets - The chances of winning are smaller but when you win, the payout is higher.

Outside bets - There are better chances of winning here, but when you win the payouts are lower.

There is an additional option in European Roulette. It represents the wheel and it is known as the racetrack or call bets. In this case, the only person who can place the bets is the croupier when requested by a player.

Learn more about this amazing games, and the more you understand the rules the more enjoyable it will be to play it. The major bonus is obviously the wins that you will make.

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