The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays is a perfect mix of serenity, calmness, and joy that is not experienced in a casino. There are limited games with a theme with rich heritage available on online slots UK bonus. If you are looking to play a game that lets you relax, without being dragged down with the pressure of winning money, then this is the pick for you. You will be winning real money of course but without any pressure or competition.

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The Peaceful Slots UK Bonus Is Waiting For You!

Nature is the one word that describes this game. The background includes a peaceful landscape with lush green hills, pure flowing water, and beautiful pink flowers on a tree. The huge brown bear stands at the left side to monitor your progress and award accordingly. The symbols include pink flowers, butterfly, fish, meditating elephant, tiger and a wise monkey.

The background music is super relaxed with a touch of Chinese taste. The 6 reels have a light yellow colour which also complements the entire colour theme.

Exciting Features In The Land Of Joy

The Slots UK Bonus game offers plenty of opportunities to win with the use of cluster-based wins. Hence it does not require any paylines and you only need to pray to the lord to give maximum similar symbols on the reels. A minimum of 9 similar symbols are required to award wins to players. To count a symbol as a part of the cluster, every two symbols must be conjoined vertically or horizontally. There is a substitution symbol that transforms adjacent symbols to the same one to give maximum similar symbols. The free spins symbols are not substituted.

Bonus Slots

The meditating tiger, elephant, and monkey appear singly or in double. There is a Rando Substitution feature which helps in adding substitution symbol and helps in generating wins. Sounds interesting!

The Sticky RE-Spins feature in the slots UK bonus is another impressive feature. Suppose you have one symbol, distributed in 2 groups on the reels, then this helps to roll the reels while keeping the symbols for identical one in place, and woohoo, you might end up winning the next time reels stop.

The Free Spins symbol is a card with a Chinese mansion and dragon on it. When it appears at least in 3 places, you win 5 or more free spins.

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Summing It Up

Goldman Casino is coming up with great offers for players of slots UK bonus who love such serene themes. Try a hand at the The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays if you are not sure and chances are you might end up playing it again.

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