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If you have ever seen a casino where a VIP is getting royally treated, you would have surely wanted yourself to be in that position. Blackjack VIP is a variant that is going to offer you exactly that. This VIP Mobile Casino Bonus Blackjack game features three hands where you can place your bets simultaneously. The game table is set professionally enough to give you a feel of a VIP treatment. And since special things with a price, the betting limit here begins with a minimum of £50. The maximum goes up to £2500 per hand, which means £7500 is the betting you can place on all three hands. You can easily sign up and start playing.

VIP Mobile Casino Bonus Blackjack

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This amazing VIP Mobile Casino Bonus Blackjack game was developed by NetEnt. They are the most acclaimed developers of online casino games and have produced over a hundred games from various casino categories.

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In this VIP Mobile Casino Bonus Blackjack game, the rules are same as that of any other variant. Your aim is still to reach to 21 points or close to it before the dealer. That is when you can win a hand but you will lose if you exceed 21. You can either do that by scoring 21 from first two hands, which is called Blackjack, or by beating the dealer’s score. Blackjack gives you 3:2 on your bet while the latter gives you 1:1 as the payout. You will have the option to choose any number of hands depending on your preference. And the bet amount can be different or same for all three hands. The three hands in this game give you an opportunity to identify the stronger hand and bet larger amounts there.

  • Additional Features: The game offers various features such as insurance, double and split, that helps you enhance your winnings. The split is offered when first two cards are identical value. Double is offered when the value of first two cards is 8 or more. Insurance is when the dealer’s open card is an Ace.
  • Double Jack Bet: This is the side betting game of VIP Mobile Casino Bonus Blackjack. You can win 100 times on your bet when you get two jacks of spades, 25 times when a pair of jacks of any suit and 10 times when your first card is a jack.


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In this VIP Mobile Casino Bonus Blackjack variant, you not only get to play three hands but three side bet games as well. The maximum you can win in this game is £250000 which is from the side bet game.

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