Ring In The Chinese Lunar Year With Dragon Dance On Your Windows Phone!

Get ready to try your luck on your Windows phone. Goldman’s Casino is giving you a new reason to celebrate the Lunar Year with the offer of your Windows ફોન જુગાર with Dragon Dance. You can easily sign up and start playing.

Windows Phone Gambling

Hear The Mighty Dragon Roar While Enjoying Windows Phone Gambling - Join Now!

Goldman’s Casino has brought the betting to your Windows screen with Dragon Dance. Enjoy this oriental treat by Microgaming, with 5 × 3 reels and 243 ways to win. Set the stakes higher as you bet from 25p to £125 per spin. You can bet 10 coins of denominations 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25 or 0.50 per line. Pay with your phone bill and start betting. Win a large amount of money without any hassle.

ગોલ્ડમૅનના કેસિનો પર ઓરિએન્ટલ સ્વાદ

As you sashay into Dragon Dance on the Windows phone, you need to know about your partners. Cause boy, they will surely bring you good fortune. There’s the Majestic Golden Dragon and the Regal Golden Dragon, spot them and you’ll leap with joy. The Mandarin Man and Woman will Fan Dance on your screen, to blow a fortune your way. The Chinese Cymbal playing sweetheart will add to your winnings too. Now the wild is our Dragon Dance logo and you’ll hear the scatters burst and see them sparkle because they’re firecrackers. Hit the free Slots and play on till eternity!

Dragon Dance

ગોલ્ડમેન કેસિનો વિન્ડોઝ ફોન જુગાર સાથે ગ્રેટ વોલ પાર્ટી

Microgaming is bringing the oriental party to you with Dragon Dance. As you enter the twin giant stone Dragon guarded street, you’ll feel the party spirit. Your heartbeat will sync with the play by the drummers. And you’ll be blown away by the beautiful graphics, as the crackers whizz past and the lion dance around. The red-tinged air and Chinese lanterns will light your way as for beginners to uncover your fortune.

ડ્રેગન ની ટ્રેઝર હવે તમારું છે Windows ફોન જુગાર દ્વારા

It may be the rooster’s year, but fret not for the Dragon is here. There are 243 ways to win big. Let’s start with these

Phone Gambling
  • As always the wilds stacked across a reel will bring you the Jackpot of 8,000 coins
  • A combination chain of symbols from the top left of the screen will you get 243 different special payoffs, each with a different index from x2 to x4000 and they’re multiplied by 1/125th of the bet placed
  • The Golden Dragon brings in 20,000 coins and the White Dragon 12,500 coins., if you can line up symbols across the reel on their watch
  • The Chinese performer’s Fan in 10,000 coins
  • While the Cymbal player tunes in 2,500 coins for you
  • The scatters and the wild will stand in for the other symbols and increase your winnings.
  • But if you get 3 or more scatters lined up across the reels, bonus round here we come and you get 12,500 coins

Phew! Don’t rest yet. The best is yet to come

Windows ફોન શરત પર સફળતાનો ચિની વ્હીસ્પર

Dragon Dance on Goldman’s Casino is a game designed to increase your New Year good fortunes.

  • ત્યાં પેઇડ ફરીથી સ્પિન લક્ષણ જ્યાં માત્ર એક રીલ વિજેતા કોમ્બો શક્યતા વધારવા માટે છુટુ શકાય છે
  • The bonus round brought in by three or more scatters brings you 15 free spins! With a 3x multiplier of your rewards
  • And you can retrigger the free spins, so you get nearly 30 free spins with 3x multiplier.
  • So while your base stake may win-win you up to 160 times, the bonus can increase it to 480

Hurrah for the Rooster year!

Windows Phone Bet

'ઓરીએન્ટ' વિન્ડોઝ ફોન જુગાર સાથે તમારું વર્ષ

Goldman’s Casino has blasted in the New Year in oriental style. And you can too. With the betting and gambling fun set to begin on your Windows phone, you can be a part of it. With the Pay by phone and SMS Casino bill options, ease yourself into the New Year’s winning mode.

Get ‘cracking’ now, the Silk Road awaits.

Windows Phone Gambling - Keep What You Win With ગોલ્ડમેન કેસિનો

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