Live Blackjack

If there’s one casino game we probably don’t need to tell anyone about it’s Blackjack! However the new and improved version of the game: live Blackjack might be a different story as there’s this is a relatively new version of the game you might never have heard of. To be honest it’s incredibly similar to regular Blackjack but with a few added perks as well.

Playing live blackjack online

We’ll start off here with a couple of the advantages that come with live Blackjack to get you in the mood to read on and the first of those is the ability to play at a time that’s convenient for you! Live Blackjack can be played through either your mobile, laptop, tablet, or PC so where you play is up to you, and given that live casinos run 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week when you play is your choice as well.

live games casino online

Now this fact is true for online and mobile casinos as well however what a live casino can offer you over those two is an immersive experience that sees you playing face to face with a live dealer and chatting along with them while you do.

Actually playing the game isn’t very difficult at all and for most people the leap is simply deciding to try it out and when you do you’ll realise there’s nothing to worry about here and you’ll maybe even be a little peeved you hadn’t done it before!

To get started you’ll want to sign up with an online or mobile casino. All the big sites and most of the smaller ones offer live casinos and we’d suggest you look for a site with a with deposit bonus in order to get some free practice at the games first. When you’ve done this simply click on the “live casino” tab on either the homepage or in the games lobby where you’ll be brought up a list of all the active live Blackjack tables.

live blackjack

Live Blackjack goes beyond just offering you the classic game of Blackjack and will offer the many variations the of the game too. Whichever it is you choose the livestream of that table + dealer will appear on your screen. You’ll notice the deck of cards in live Blackjack has been supersized and this is to make sure that even mobile players can see all the cards clearly.

You’ll also notice there’s a stack of virtual chips on the edge of the table to and they’re there for you to bet with. To make a bet it’s simply a case of clicking on the chip you’d like to bet with and then clicking in the betting box you’d like to make that bet. You’ll be surprised at how intuitive and easy this is to do and to make things even easier there’s a few betting options such as clear all bets and double all bets to help you out.

When the action gets to you your screen will pop up  with all the options available to you and clicking your prefered play will make it happen. Then once the hand is complete any player who won the hand will have their money instantly credited and the deck will be shuffled for a new round.

live games casino online

If you’ve yet to experience the joys of live Blackjack we’d highly recommend you give it a whirl sometime soon as the action feels just like that of a real casino, there’s far more tables for you to choose from, and there’s also a whole bunch of bonuses you get when you sign up to a site like the with deposit bonus we mentioned earlier!