About Live Casino Sites

If you’d like to learn all about the wonderful world of live casinos then this is the place to be as here we’ll give you a full rundown of everything you need to know and more! When we first tell them most people are quite surprised to hear that live casinos have been around for some time now….they just weren’t quite like they are today. When you go back 10 years or more some online casinos would have a little live casino section for you to enjoy except back then there was only really ever one table available, a Blackjack table. This was great if you were a fan of the game but if you wanted to try something else then you were out of luck and left wanting. Not only that but with internet speeds as they were it was really difficult to keep a lag free stream and get the most out of the whole experience.

About live online casinos

This has all changed over the last couple of years though thanks to the advancements that have come from the broadband and livestreaming technologies. Nowadays there is pretty much zero lag and the video quality of these streams are in full HD and only improving. Overall the experience nowadays runs very close to that of an actual casino which is why so many players love it, although we’d have to admit it’s just one of many reasons you’ll have to love live casinos overall!

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The second big draw of live casinos are the fact they have every casino table game under the sun and then some for you to try out! If you’ve only ever played the mainstays of your local casino which is Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker we’re sure you’ll be excited to hear that there’s plenty more games similar to them for you to try your hand at! Blackjack and Roulette come with a handful of cool variations which could add a little extra excitement into your gaming experience while you’ll also have a shot at playing some of the lesser known games in the industry like Baccarat, Craps, and Sic Bo too! The point we’re trying to make here is that if there’s a game type you’re interested in playing then a live casino is the place to do it!

The final advantage that comes from a live casino is one you may already know if you’ve played at an online or mobile casino before. We’re talking about the bonuses here and these alone can be worth a couple of hundred pounds or more and that’s just to get you started. The with deposit bonuses are the best for new players to the industry in our opinion as in addition to giving you a free shot at taking home a prize you also get a chance to gain your bearings and understand how it all works before investing!

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The final area of live casinos we’ll talk about today is the area of actually playing them. Most people who venture over into the world of live casinos are pretty surprised at just how easy the games are to play and after just a couple of minutes we’re sure you’ll be gutted you hadn’t signed up to a site sooner!

What makes things so easy for new players is gameplay has been made incredibly intuitive to use and it wouldn’t be a surprise if you figured out how to do the betting without being told how. To start things off you’ll want to bring up the live casino lobby which you can do by clicking the “live casino” tab and then selecting the game that looks most appealing to you.

When you do this a feed of your chosen table will pop up which shows the table, the dealer, and any instruments the game uses. What’s so cool about live casinos is you can chat along with the dealer as you play who’ll be able to reply to your messages in realtime so there is definitely something personal about these games.

You’ll also notice there’s a stack of virtual chips next to the table which you will bet with by clicking the chip you’d like to bet with and then clicking again on betting table. The reason so many people are shocked at how easy the games are to play is because we’ve already told you how in just a couple of sentences. The differences between games you choose is pretty marginal and when it comes to making a decision your options will appear on the screen where you can select one.

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For us and many others live casinos are the ultimate form of gaming nowadays as you’re still able to feel like you’re sat face to face with a live dealer in an actual casino, when in reality you’re probably sat comfy in your own home with a cup of tea and a few biscuits on hand!