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If you find yourself on this page reading all about live casino software providers then it probably means one of two things; Either you’ve got an incredibly inquisitive mind, or you’re only interested in playing with the best. Since we don’t know which of the two categories you fall into(or if you fall into both) what we’ve decided to do is appeal to both. We’ll give you the heads up on who we think is the biggest and brightest software providers in the live casino industry but we’ll also tell you all about them at the same time.

About live casino Games software providers

As we’re sure you’ll hear many people say where you play comes all down to preference however despite this we think there’s still three key favourites in the live casino industry right now so we hope it’s between those three you choose. Personally, we use all three as they’re all good for different things and if you feel confident enough you may want to do that as well. But for now we’ll go into what makes each of them so great.

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First on the list is the people’s favourite NetEnt who can now proudly boast they have their games on a third of all online and mobile casinos around. This is no small feat and it should go a long way in telling you about the quality entertainment they provide.

There’s some key features that come with NetEnt live casinos and the first one is their striking colour combo of emerald and black. If you see a dealer dressed like that you should instantly know they’re on team NetEnt and be happy with your choice. Along with being versed in 25 unique languages and currencies NetEnt also offers players seamless gameplay from start to finish and an easy to use interface. In fact the interface in particular is what we’d say is the main highlight of NetEnt as everything is clear to see and intuitive to use which makes it an ideal destination for any new player on the scene. Overall we only really have good things to say about NetEnt as they don’t seem to have any weaknesses at all offering everything up at a high standard.

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If the reason you’ve come to the live casino industry is due to the increased selection of games you’ll have access to then the software provider you’ll be looking for is Microgaming. If you’ve spent any time at an online casino over the past two decades you’ll have probably run into a Microgaming game or two as they’ve been providing top end games for the industry since it’s invention way back in the 90’s.

And while we’ll happily tell you Microgaming offer up a top end gaming experience with their live casinos too however the thing we’re most attracted to about them is the range of games they have on offer. There probably isn’t another live casino software provider in the industry that can match Microgaming’s when we’re talking about numbers. Of course they have all the classics namely Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker on offer but they also offer all their many variations of the games too. To go with this Microgaming also has some of the lesser known games in the industry such as Baccarat and Sic Bo so if you’re coming to a live casino looking for a particular game your first stop should probably be a Microgaming live casino.

There is one drawback to playing at a Microgaming live casino which is they only offer dealers in the English language but if you’ve made it this far into our article then that’s probably not going to be an issue!

The final name on our list today is probably the place we’d recommend the most if you’re a bit of a high roller and that’s Playtech. The games that Playtech typically release are blockbusters with many of their games having ties to major film studios. While this isn’t the case for their live casino it does seem like they’ve poured a lot of the money they’ve made from those games into it.

Playtech truly offer a deluxe gaming experience with nothing but the best going on in terms of looks and style. While their range of games may not be as wide as the other two on our list they the ones they do offer they seem to specialise in.

Perhaps the best thing about a Playtech live casino in our eyes though is they have a special VIP area for players who really want to feel like royalty. These VIP tables offer players more of a personal touch to their gaming experience giving them a lower dealer to player ratio and a lot more privacy in the process.

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All in all though whichever of these three live casino software providers have peaked your interest the most, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Our personal opinion would be to play at all three depending on what you’re in the mood for but of course that comes with the initial hassle of setting up at three different sites.

If you’re completely new to the live casino industry then our first suggestion to you would be to go with NetEnt as they have an easy to use interface which makes them a perfect starting point for anyone looking to learn the ropes. If you’re confident enough to play on all three but you’d also like to experiment with some new games that are out there well then Microgaming is gonna be your best bet for that. Finally, if you already know you want to stick with the classics and are looking for the best experience that a live casino has to offer then we’d suggest you take the plunge into Playtech’s live casino and their VIP tables in particular which are definitely amongst the best of the bunch! Either way whatever it is you’re looking for in a live casino we’re sure you’ll find it with these three software developers!