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It’s just a wheel, a ball, and 37 numbers yet live Roulette is one of the most action-packed and exciting games you’ll find in any casino you happen to stumble on. If you’ve played Roulette in a casino before then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about and now thanks to the advancements in live streaming services you can now carry this exciting feeling around with you in your pocket all day every day!

About live roulette online

Now if you’re completely new to the live casino scene you’ll probably want a full rundown of live Roulette so you can jump in on all the action for yourself. To get things started you’ll need to make an account on an online or mobile casino(any will do though the higher the bonus you find the better). Then head to that site’s live casino section where they’ll display all the live Roulette tables they have on offer. If this is your first time playing online you’ll be excited to see the choice of games you have as there’s at least 5 variations of the game of Roulette including both European and American Roulette.

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Once you’ve made your choice the live stream of that game will pop up on your screen which should feature the lovely dealer you’ve chosen, the Roulette wheel, and the betting table you’ll be placing your bets on. You’ll also find a stack of chips next to your account balance which is what you bet with.

To bet in live Roulette requires no more than clicking on the chip you’d like to make your bet with and then click once again where on the betting table you’d like to place it, if you click it twice a second chip will appear, and once more and a third will appear and so on. There are also some pretty cool additional features when it comes to betting at live Roulette and the first one you’ll want to know about is the repeat bet button which simply repeats the previous bet you made chip for chip. There’s also a double bet feature that does nothing more than double your current bet. There’s also a couple of buttons which will remove the last chip you placed on the table or even to clear all the chips you’ve placed on the table so far.

When it comes to the betting you’ll also notice there’s a timer running down on the screen which will tell you how long you’ve got before the dealer starts spinning the wheel! This should let you make all your bets without worrying about when it’s going to spin. If you end up winning on a spin you’ll see your account balance immediately topped up with the winnings ready for the next spin.

live rouletteThis is everything you need to know about live Roulette if you want to start playing. The main advantage of playing live Roulette is you’ll now be able to get a similar experience to what you would in an actual casino with the sounds of the ball dropping, the chips moving, and the dealer talking all from the comfort of your own home. Not only that but you’ll be given a wider range of games to play than anywhere else, and to top it all off you’ll be given plenty of bonuses in the process.

In the end, then we’ve got nothing but praises to sing about live Roulette and we’d highly recommend you jump in on all the action the first chance you get, and if you’re a little nervous always remember there are often with deposit bonuses that give you the opportunity to play with no risk to you!

live games casino online