Blackjack 3

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games played for several decades. The game has earned immense popularity among online gamblers as well. Developers have been creating different variants to make the game more exciting. And Blackjack 3 is one such variant, where you can play with not just one but three hands at a time. The layout of this best UK blackjack bonus game is a professionally set up table with a deck of cards and betting chips. You can also see the display of last ten hands of the dealer which helps you plan your strategies accordingly. The value of betting chips here starts with as low as £1 and the maximum is up to £500 per hand per game. Just Play and Enjoy!

Best UK Blackjack Bonus

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Blaackjack 3

This professionally set up best UK Blackjack bonus game was developed by NetEnt. One of the most preferred developers for online casino games. They come with a rich experience of about two decades and over a hundred games from various categories already popular on various casino sites.

Instructions Given At The Time Of Gaming

In this best UK blackjack bonus game, you get to play with three simultaneous hands. You can either choose to play a single hand, two or all three at a time. The rules of the game remain unchanged from original Blackjack version. You need to score point value of 21 or closer to it without crossing it. If you manage to do so, you get a payout of 100% on your total bet. Similarly, you have played the remaining hands. The benefit to you here is that you still have a chance to win on other hands in case you lose 1 or 2. In case the dealer gets a BUST when he exceeds 21, you get to win all three hands at once.

Blackjack Bonus
  • Insurance: When the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you are offered insurance. You can either choose to take it on one hand or all three. It is best you opt for it on the hand where you bet size is larger than the other two. So in case, the dealer gets Blackjack, you can cover the losses on the other two hands as well.
  • Split: This is the additional feature in this best UK blackjack bonus game. Here, you get to split your hand into two when the first two cards are of identical value. So apart from the three main hands, you get to play an additional hand and increase your chances of winning big.
Best UK Blackjack


This is the best UK blackjack bonus variant that allows you to play three hands simultaneously. The game is powered by various additional features that help you win enhanced rewards.

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