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A one-of-a-kind tattoo-themed online slot machine game - Hot Ink has become a hot favourite due to its uniqueness. Set in a tattoo parlour, this slot machine game provides a set of multiple opportunities to win big!

Since websites like Goldman Casino provide gambling games, online slots gambling casino tips and rules need to be followed by all players.

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Online Slots Gambling Casino Tips

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Hot Ink is a tattoo themed 5 reels online slot machine game designed by Microgaming. The game has 1,024 winning combinations in total, hence providing players with tons of winning opportunities. The maximum Jackpot that a player can win is 122,500 coins. The special free spin feature of this game given a player 100,000 coins and certain special features also trigger the re-spin option for more rewards. Anywhere, anytime, gamble at the best online Casino in the slots gambling casino tips

A minimum of 0.01 coins are required in order to spin a line of this game while the minimum amount of coins is 2.50. The total bet per line of the bet is increased by 50x because the game does not have any particular pay lines. This game is available on online gambling sites like Goldman Casino.

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Hot Ink Slot Game

Symbols Used In Hot Ink Slot Game

Hot Ink has a number of symbols that are all related to the tattoo-theme of the game. There are two girl tattoo artists that provide a player with 750 times the normal reward if either one of them appear on five adjacent reels. A combination of both tattoo artist girls on the same reel will give the player a bonus of 500 times. Another symbol that gives a 400-time increase is a male tattoo artist. Chairs and shop fonts give players 300x and 200x the payout while different tattoo designs can give a player anywhere between 50x to 150x the original payout. So let the fun galore and keep playing.

Hot Ink Slot

Slots Gambling Casino Tips Bonus Features

There are certain special symbols that are introduced by Microgaming. Once these special symbols are lined up in the reel all together, they give the player 1000x the jackpot amount. Another special symbol in the game is a Koi Carp, a symbol of fortune and good luck. If three or more Koi carps are present on the reels of the game, it gives the players 20 free spins along with doubled wins. Those who are extremely lucky can give players a 100,000 coin reward as well.

The tattoo bonus of this game gives its players a 122,500 coin bonus. The tattoo bonus is triggered once a player finds three or more matching tattoos on the reels. These tattoos, in turn, provide 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier bonus to its players.


Online Slots Gambling Casino Tips: Hot Ink Slots

Gambling online through ones mobile devices have become a trend and is gaining popularity around the world. Online sites like Goldman Casino provide players with a variety of themed slot machine games. For those who are playing such games, online slots gambling casino tips are important to follow.

Some of these online slots gambling casino tips that should be followed are :

  • It is a prime importance to check one’s bank balance that they are investing in playing these online slot machine games.
  • Instead of playing a game for its popularity, an online game should be played taking into account the payout option of the game.
  • The number of coins that are invested per spin should be taken into account to get higher returns.
  • Online slots gambling casino tips greatly suggests to follow the rules of each game.
  • Regulate the betting option per spin of the game, in order to get the maximum output.
  • Slot machine games don’t function on an algorithm, they generate random numbers and so an individual should not be fixated on one slot game throughout.
  • Developing a winning pattern while playing is of prime importance in the online slots gambling casino tips rulebook.
  • The most important tip to keep in mind among all the other online slots gambling casino tips is to know when to quit.

Hot Ink Slot: Online Slots Gambling Casino Tips - Keep What You Win With Goldman Casino

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