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Have you ever wanted to know about the mythologies, legends and folklore of the Polynesian Islands? Do you want to awed and inspired by a Blazing Goddess killing enemies and helping friends and you win the game? Well, then today's your lucky day! You can login anytime, anywhere and have an enjoyable experience at this Pay by Phone casino.

This game has 5 reels and 1024 lines of combinations possible in them. So the limitations are less and the possibilities vast and immense for a simple Slot machine game. The game progresses by entering coins ranging from tiny amounts of a few cents to up to a £100.

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blazing goddess slot

That is right! The game is fun and frolic from the very start and has a cool Polynesian Islands theme where a Blazing Goddess from their mythologies is depicted as the femme fatale of the game. She is the one who is out to kill the bad guys and save the day from breaking apart.

The symbols in the game are mystical and range from strange artefact looking things to be found on the islands to adventure igniting flame torches for light at night. There are several types of symbols -

  1. Regular SymbolsThese symbols are the usual symbols which must form a line of a combination on the reels to be able to get a win in the game.
  2. Wild SymbolsThe Wild symbol is the Flame Goddess who can become any symbol much like any standard Wild symbol in a Slot machine game
  3. BonusIt is triggered on any location on the reels – unlike Wild symbols which are limited to certain places on the reels – and cause multiplication of the bet amounts and also brings Free Spins with them.

And best of all payments can be made through the phone as it is a Pay by Phone Casino

Mobile Goddess Is Here For Huge Wins!

Just imagine a scenario where you have to wait for something to happen somewhere for a long time, and you do not have anything to do or suppose you are waiting in a long computerized queue or commuting to work and stuck in a traffic jam, what do you do? You get very very bored!!!

What is the best way out? Pull out your mobile phone, log on to Goldman Casino and find for Blazing Goddess in the list of game Slots, click on it and there you go! Play down and dirty till hell comes to town! All standard mobile phones and tablet PCs are supported, and platforms accepted.

Payments and Withdrawals

Blazing Goddess Slot machine

All standard modes of payment and banking processes are accepted. We believe in the highest level of security and privacy for our customers and thus use multiple gateways to process payments. All standard payment instruments like debit cards, credit cards, phone banking and net banking are accepted. You can make payments through the phone as we are a Pay by Phone Casino.

Customer Support

If you face any problems with our games or our services in general, then you can call on our numbers and our customer service representatives will be happy to solve the problem or answer the query. In case you call outside of business hours, you may leave a message, and our representatives will call you back with the resolution as soon as possible.

Be Gods Of Money By Playing Goddess That Blazes!

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The 5 reel game is not a complicated game nor does it have any mixed up rules and regulations or special bonus rounds and extra games within games, it is a simple, straight and efficient Slot game that delivers on the fun quotient and provides the customer with total satisfaction after having played the game. There are no complexities and much like the Blazing Goddess, it is a straight and straightforward game.

Just log on to Goldman Casino and search for Blazing Goddess game, then enter amounts even through Phone as we are a Pay by Phone Casino and start spinning the reels. Win, Win, and Win some more. And the goddess would have made you much like the Polynesian Islanders powerful and wealthy and happy!

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