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Earlier the players had to visit the casinos near and far to play their favourite table games, but not anymore. With the growth of the Internet, the table games are available to play on your fingertips. You can play the games sitting at home, office, on a train, or on a beach, in short, literally from anywhere and anytime. However, the excitement and thrill of a land casino were missed by some players. Recognising that, gaming giant NetEnt has come up with live dealer games that are broadcasted from a studio in real time and allow interaction with the dealer as well as the other players. Live Blackjack 2 is one of those blackjack pay by phone bill games which is gaining fame day by day. So get on board and explore.

Blackjack Pay By Phone Bill

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NetEnt is one of the earliest developers in the online gaming industry. In more than 20 years of being in business, they have developed more than 200 casino games for online players. This blackjack pay by phone bill game is another entertaining game from them.

About the Game

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This blackjack pay by phone bill version like all other versions of the classic pits you against the dealer, as you play along with other players from different parts of the world. Classic Blackjack gameplay is used here which requires you to defeat the dealer by scoring more points than her.

Live Game Menu allows you to select as well as change the seat when required. You can also increase or decrease the chip value in this blackjack pay by phone bill variant.

The live dealer deals the cards to all active players and herself too. To defeat the dealer, you need to gather points more than him but without ever going over total 21 points. After the cards have been dealt, you can take any of the available options. Stand lets you stand with the dealt cards, Hit lets you receive more cards, Split lets you split the cards, and Double lets you double the cards. You score a blackjack if your two initial cards include an Ace and a 10 point card, making the total perfect 21.

The main features of the blackjack pay by phone bill game include:

  • Experienced and professional live dealers
  • Live feed in HD quality
  • Live Chat option
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This blackjack pay by phone bill game is an exciting and engaging version of the classic casino game where the live dealer facilitates the game.

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