Goldman Casino Machine Gun Unicorn Slot – A Mobile Casino Deposit By Phone Bill Game

Have you wanted to play a game where you can toy with the idea of playing a pretty good guy? How about a pony? Then there are unicorns waiting for you! Waiting to take up arms and fend off evil zombies that have been attempting to overtake their lands!

Machine Gun UnicornGenesis' Machine Gun Unicorn – A Good Guy Gone Bad!

That's right! When you play him you know, you were a cute, fun pony until one day zombies overran your land and since then you have become a sturdy pony. Bad guys will pay for their deeds, and you will make that happen. The game is meant to be a fun Slot created by Genesis for your entertainment. Just Play and Enjoy!

The Reels of Wars

The game was released by Genesis in September 2015 and has the standard five reels in it's slot machine and ten pay lines. This mobile casino with deposit by phone bill game has been made to deliver along the lines of Thunderstruck and Starburst and thus is average.

You will like, however, the in-game storyline, music score and the progression of visuals - a very appealing affair, that is the guaranteed part of this fantastic game.

Bonus Pony or Free Spin Pony

Machine Gun Unicorn Slot

This mobile casino with deposit by phone bill game does not have free spins. So unlike most other games this game will not at any point in time during the progress of the match become a free spin game. However, there is a compensatory bonus feature where a Machine Gun Unicorn appears and shoots all the rest of zombies on other reels giving you huge wins and money.

  • Ambidextrous Line Wins– Whether the lines, ten of them, stack up left to right for a combination or right to left for a combination, you will win the combo and gain coins and the bonus. This is a neat and unique feature in this game, rarely found in any other Slot game.
  • Wild SymbolThe machine gun unicorn symbol which is a pony without a horn and has instead a machine gun there, is the wild symbol. It is the wild symbol in the game and causes an apparent win on an appearance on the reels.

Unicorns on Your Mobile – On Goldman Casino

Machine Gun Unicorn Slot Machine

Have you recently been getting bored at travel times and during commuting to work? Have a routine of small or long-distance travel and this becomes a hassle due to intense boredom? Worry no more, smile your worries away as this fun game is coming your way on the mobile phone.

This game is available on most phone browsers by logging on to Goldman Casino and looking for Machine Gun Unicorn Slot there. The Mobile Casino Deposit By Phone Bill feature is also available on the handset while you are traveling or are logging in through any mobile or tablet PC.

Payments And Withdrawals

At Goldman Casino Online, we take our customer's privacy and security as our top priority. So you will find that most standard modes of payment whether they be debit cards, credit cards, net banking, or phone banking are accepted.

We use multiple gateways to process payments to ensure the safety and privacy of our customers. So you will do well to be assured that we will do our utmost to ensure we do good for you.

Customer Service

We are committed to ensuring any concern or query relating to our business may be resolved by us as soon as possible and to the best of our abilities. Thus, you may call our customer care representatives, and they will do their best to resolve your query or concern.

In case you call outside of business hours, you may leave a message, and we will contact you with the resolution as soon as possible.

Unicorns versus Zombies

mobile casino pay by phone bill slots

So while you wonder who will win we will let you in on a secret – the unicorns have an edge with their leader Machine Gun Unicorn who has a Machine Gun on his forehead.

The game is built to have fun and enjoy light music and lights. It is a comical game meant to amuse you and make you tell your friends about it and the near-absurd funny story that lies at its center. All in all, it is an entertaining game, one that will stay with you for some time, conveniently payable as it is a mobile casino with deposit by phone bill.

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