Microgaming’s Masterpiece: Hitman Slot Machine

Just when we thought that there could not be much more improvement and addition to the amazing Hitman series, Microgaming conjures yet another stunning online gambling slots real money game.

Now available at Goldman Casino Online, join Agent 47 on his quest to get his targets and roll in some real money – literally! Enjoy online games!

Hitman Slot Machine

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Let’s face it – Gambling is fun. What is more fun than a chance to win 270,000 coins in a single spin? Yes, you read that correct. Hitman offers you a chance to land that big a contract. All you need to do is play it right! Play your way - win your way!

This online gambling slots real money style="font-weight: 400;"> game has 15 paylines along with 5 reels. A wide assortment of weapons serve as symbols and they do form lethal combinations!

Hitman Slot

Hitman Slot Machine: How To Play...

To begin with, you need to select the number of paylines you want. After this simple, yet vital step, you must place your bets.

The bet amount can be as little as $0.1 and as much as $75.

Once you’re ready, simply click on ‘Spin’ and let the arbitrary slot do the rest.

Bonuses Galore at Online Gambling Slots Real Money Casino

Microgaming’s Hitman offers lots and lots of bonuses. The most interesting one is perhaps the contract bonus. To get this, you must have a laptop symbol in the 3rd, 4th and the 5th reels of the online gambling slots real money.

Once this has been accomplished, a mini–game begins in which you must choose targets and a weapon choice. These choices are multiplied with potential winnings amounting to a staggering 270,000 coins.

Somewhat pale in front of the contract bonus, you also have the option at the ‘insignia’ bonus, which can earn you 6,000 coins.

Online Gambling Slots Real Money

Lights! Music! Hitman Slot!

The slot game has tons of extra features. This includes a fabulous soundtrack, some amazing graphics animation and a chance to win some real money!

To top it all up, good old Agent 47 pops from time to time with a movie of him performing a ‘hit’.

Hitman also contains a ‘wild’ symbol and it has a scatter feature as well.

Free Spins? Present!

Hitman Slot games have always catered to the more mature audience.

Aptly, rolling in 3 18+ symbols will get you 18 free spins. Yes, 18 free spins. And they said gambling is a risky business! Ha, the game is just handing you real money with a low risk.

Truly A Game Of Luck

All slots present at Goldman Casino are RNG certified.

This ensures that they aren’t rigged in any way and our user, that is you, get a fair chance of winning. It is all about lady luck and when she chooses to shine on you!

Online Gambling Slots Real Money

One For The Ages?

Microgaming has ensured that the Hitman franchise doesn’t remain limited to the world of movies and console RPG’s.

This online slot game has all the features required to withstand the test of time. Music, graphics and the iconic Agent 47, all topped up with one of the best chances of winning real money while gambling ensures that the gamer will return.

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