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When it comes to gambling; whether in a top class casino or a local club, the first game that comes to the mind of gamblers is blackjack. This BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand is just the exact online version of this classic old game. The game has got an amazing user interface with pretty self-explanatory options on the screen. You have the deck of cards, the dealer and game chips with different denomination from 20p to £100 which is the minimum and maximum betting amount of the game respectively. The game follows all the basic rules and is the best online real money Blackjack game.


With many online version of real life casino games, NYX (NextGen) has earned immense popularity in the online gaming industry. With years of experience and best in class expertise, they have mastered the art of online gambling and are proud developers of this online real money Blackjack.

Game Rules:

You need to begin this online real money Blackjack game by choosing a chip with a value you want to bet. Once you hit the deal button there will be two cards dealt each for you and the dealer. 21 is the highest points and also the winning number, if you get this in the first hand once cards are dealt then it is blackjack and instant win for you with 3:2 payout. The advantage for you as a player in this game is that dealer can draw only up to 16 and must stand at all hands valued 17. You can draw until you get 21, however, it is best if you stop at 17 or 18 beyond which your chances get thin. So the goal in this game is to beat the dealer’s hand in order to win.

  1. Wins: You win the bet amount if your total card value is closer to 21 than the dealer’s card value. If there is a draw then a push will be called and you both win nor lose anything. If your card value exceeds 21 then it is a bust and you lose.
  1. Payouts: In case you are a winner in this online real money Blackjack with 21 points at the beginning then your payout is 3 to 2 if you get if it is a victory against dealer without blackjack payout is 1to 1 and 2 to 1 if you take the insurance.
  1. Split: This is the feature that gets activated when you get first 2 cards of the same value. It places a bet equal to original bet amount on each hand. So this is when you get to play two hands and stand a chance to win twice.


BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand is the best online real money Blackjack game with 98.54% returns to the player. With simple and easy to understand options and game features, this game can be played by anyone both real and demo versions.


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